Posted by: captainmoondog | July 27, 2009

T-shirt slogans: awesome or douchebag?

Okay, yeah, witty sayings on Tshirts are sooo cliche right? Get over yourself. I find some of these effin’ hilarious. Doesn’t mean I’m going to buy one, because I’m just as pretentious as you too about wearing Tshirts with witty sayings on them, for fear I will look like a douchebag. But sue me if I still find them funny and awesome sometimes.

Of course one of my favorites is Tshirthell…”where bad tshirts go.” If you are easily offended, don’t visit the site. Or better yet, visit it and use it as a way to pry the PC stick out of your ass. But for now, enjoy a few that just tickled me recently. Not that way, geez. Get your mind out of the gutter (and read these dumbass slogans. ha.)


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