Posted by: captainmoondog | May 28, 2009

Douchebags with iPhones

This awesome photo was found on Guys with iPhones (sooooo NSFW, people)…a site that posts net photos of dudes who are so enamored with themselves that they take modelesque photos of themselves in the mirror with their iPhones, many times buck naked, obiously all taken just MINUTES before a hookup. We’re not judging over here on TiA. But the best part is the COMMENTS! Enjoy the fabulous dialogue that ensued over the above photo.

  • Looks like an asshole
  • i know him he is a asshole
  • Yeah, anyone that wears those things as a scarf is immediately judged as a douche-nozzle.
  • Skeletor-Face Douche Bag…. not so hot.
  • whateverand why does he wear that scarf thing in the house????
  • Unless he has a urinal at home, he’s not at home (look behind him). Of course, that begs the question of why he’s taking photos of himself in a public restroom. I leaning with douche-nozzle.
  • sketchy. not in a gang. why the face.
  • it’s called chrystal meth
  • i think he’s cute. i’d do him. lol.
  • Scary Spice
  • Someone needs to lay off the tweezers sweetheart, those brows look like a 3 y/o has drawn them on. And quit it with your mama’s bronzer, she won’t appreciate you using all her MAC

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