Posted by: captainmoondog | April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Ok, so maybe we should call our blog “this month in awesome” or “occasionally when I feel like sharing something with you in awesome”… we acknowledge our sins and the lord has risen in our hearts or something like that. Isn’t that what Easter is all about? Forgiveness? Or maybe it’s about bunnies. I seem to get that impression around this time of year. So in honor of that, here’s something I’ve been saving up especially to post today of all days and I’m taking time out of my vacation to satiate you, our twenty-some regular readers, which probably has dropped to twelve since our hiatus, so again, for you three loyalists and my mom, here is your dose of awesomeness:


Well, it looks like Easter is over now. Better luck next year.



  1. Yay! I was nervous you wouldn’t have a chance to post this what with your exciting adventures in New York.

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