Posted by: captainmoondog | February 20, 2009

And yet, every day, there are more cries for help…

I swear missed connections is better than reality TV, soap operas, and trashy novels combined.

Here’s a gem from today’s missed connections:

L…for what it’s worth – m4w
The snow makes me wonder if you ever look out a window and wonder how I am….my heart aches all the time. I hope you’re warm, safe and happy.

What makes this awesome is some jackass went and posted this response:

Re: L…for what it’s worth – w4m
I know that this couldn’t even possibly be from you, but I also don’t know how much closer to my heart this could hit.
I think of you. I wonder about you. I miss you. Every minute of every day. Ironic (your favorite word), isn’t it? That I could go so long being alone, but never lonely until you came along…
Every single time that my phone rings, I still hope it might be you.

Will their love last through the season or will the next snowstorm mean they will drift apart? Tune in tomorrow or follow it at craigslist.


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