Posted by: captainmoondog | February 16, 2009

Craigslist Cry for Help

As seen on my favorite section: Missed Connections. Enjoy.

Hey Charley
i know you’re gonna see this cuz you told me you like to read the miss connections.
you were ordering a drink when i bumped into you and said sorry and offered
to buy you another cocktail. we sat down and ended up talking for a while.
you’re a very sweet guy. probably one of the nicest guys ive met sence i been
here in boston. you have beautiful blue eyes and a great, sexy smile. after
getting to know each other i asked for your number and you wouldnt give it
to me. I asked to give you mine and you said that you werent looking to date.

i’m writing to tell you, that i know you liked me. i want to get to know you
better and take you out. you dont have a boyfriend and you told me you dont
sleep around, so you couldnt give me a good reason to not date me.
i probably shouldnt be saying this on but, i have no other way of
contacting you. if you dont respond, then ill see you around again.

btw: i lied , i really like kellys new song



  1. Charley responded. He said meet me at the 7pm showing of “He’s just not that into you.”

  2. >>btw: i lied , i really like kellys new song

    Nice try, but I’m guessing Charley DOESN’T think his life would suck without you.

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