Posted by: mannahoneypot | February 3, 2009

When good abs go bad.

We here at Today in Awesome like to think that this blog has two patron saints.  Or fairy godmothers – whatever floats you boat.  Dolly has been firmly established in her role as Fairy Godmother Supreme.  But who, pray tell, is the unnamed Fairy Godmother in Training?  Why, it’s none other than your friend and mine, Michael Phelps.  He won us over with his large shoulders, awkward face, and ability to work it in a speedo.  Not an easy thing to do, especially with ears like that.

To whit:

Notice the lack of irony or humiliation in his expression.  Not even the hint of a blush at the rather obvious VPL that jumps right out and scars your retinas. 


And now?  Well, you may have heard that Mr Phelps has been caught enflagrante with a smoking apparatus of the Mary Jane variety which has been kown to ruin many a fine young man’s reputation. But, does he hide his face in shame like a poltician caught with his pants around his ankles in the back room of a strip joint?  No!  He dusts himself off like a good Fairy Godmother and  frolicks on the beach like he’s Frankie Avalon at a Beach Blanket Bingo!

To whit:

Again, notice the lack of irony or humiliation in his expression.  So young!  So carefree!  So high!


But a note of warning, our dear boy.  You might want lay off the beer and tighten those abs back up- we don’t call you Butterface for nothing!

And lose the douchey sun glasses.

Also, your mom rules!



  1. next thing you know, Phelps will be trading in his medals to score something even more hardcore than weed — like a pack of Marlboros!

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