Posted by: mannahoneypot | January 28, 2009

That deaf, dumb, and blind kid…

Occasionally, on a slow afternoon at work, Moondog and I will play a game called “Google Image Search.”  Catchy name, I know.

The rules are simple – one person sends a phrase to the other person and the first person to come up with the “best” image first, wins.  Very subjective with an occasional element of speed involved.  I highly recommend it.

So, say I were to type in the phrase “Dolly Parton Change”  hoping for a progressive pictorial analysis of all the plastic surgery that Dolly Parton has undergone in her life.  But, owing to the whimsical nature of Google, I get this instead: 


Can you imagine owning something like this? Truly, you would be the most popular kid on the block.  It would be better than Wii.


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