Posted by: mannahoneypot | January 8, 2009

Someone has too much time on their hands…

Holy crap, you guys.  

This is…I just…wow. 

Did you know that for the bargain basement price of $800 you can buy your very own, one of a kind, celebrity doll made especially for you.  

Um, what?  There’s a market for that?  Holy crap.

Check it out:


Creepy, right?  I will say this, though: she absolutely NAILED the way Sofia holds her purse like the cranky old lady that she is.  


There’s a joke in here about the waxen expression of a doll and how fond of the Botox Ms. Kidman has become but I’m too tired to make it so you’ll have to amuse yourselves.

Want some more?  Behold.



  1. Just about every gay guy I know would pay $800 AND MORE for that set of Golden Girls dolls for some reason.

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