Posted by: mannahoneypot | January 6, 2009

Behold the Crested Saguaro

You may have noticed that Moondog has been doing the lion’s share of posting around these parts over the holidays.  I have a good excuse – I was in Kentucky for the first part and they don’t have internet there because it’s Kentucky.  For the second part of the holidays I was in Arizona and there are mountains there so there was also no internets.  No internets = no posting.  So many thanks to Moondog for keeping the egg off our site’s face.  He is the grandmaster of thankless holiday posting.

Now that that bit of unpleasant grovelling is done with, you want to see something really cool?

It’s a foot!  It’s a cactus!  It’s one of those weird gel things that stick to the wall when you throw it!




  1. Your triumphant return post is a picture of a cactus in the shape of a foot? GET TO WORK!

    It makes me want to post some phrase Red in That 70s Show would say, “How’d you like my foot up your ass?” bahahaha.

  2. Shut your tart hole! I took that picture all by myself.

  3. I love that Manna doesn’t even mention the giant penis cactus on the right.

  4. That’s because they all look like penises. It would be like saying “Hey, look at that farmer. He looks like a redneck.”

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