Posted by: captainmoondog | January 2, 2009

The evil Emperor of Star Wars is actually the Pope

Ok, so I’m fairly confident searching around the internet that others are making this assumption, so it must be true. Especially considering all the hateful spew he’s been spouting off about the gays … Hmmm, Emperor Pope, so gay people are the “biggest threat to the survival of humanity”? Wow, that sounds familiar, like something Hitler said about the Jews.

Anyway, here is the proof (last one is the clincher…):




What would be really awesome is if the Pope was thrown down a nuclear reactor would just go away.



  1. The second picture with him in the pope hat? Fucking terrifying.

  2. Good post! Check out the third and last picture in the article :

    What was that sentence in the Bible? Let the little children come to me? 😉

  3. Havw alway beleaved he looks Very Evil

  4. […] is about as double a whammy as a Pope can possible execute—especially after eight years of old Emperor Palpatine […]

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