Posted by: captainmoondog | November 10, 2009

F*cking Crystal Light! and Effing 1987!!

SO sorry. Sorry for not posting. Sorry for, well, THIS:

Wait until the pairs…wow aerobics were so GAY then. And the dudes in the satin shorts, well, just sayin’. And of course everyone works out in NYLONS.

And then, oh shit! Here comes Alan Thicke!

Does he love aerobics because he’s a STRIPPER? Maybe. Didn’t television audiences realize back then??

Posted by: captainmoondog | October 21, 2009

Drunk, olde tyme style…

This is brilliant. It just keeps getting better the more you watch. Thanks, Whit and Thomas for “Drunkest Guy Ever.”

Posted by: captainmoondog | October 5, 2009

MMM…That fresh pine scent!

Well, Halloween is coming! What more to say other than, thank you, Leslie P on FFFFOUND!

Pssst! She also found the crocheted penis too. Not a boy? No problem! Click and see if you dare.

Posted by: captainmoondog | September 29, 2009

World Premiere Video

Well, here’s an original Manna and Moondog creation, and we’re just so tickled with the results.

Madonna says to world: “Make a fan video.” And who are we to argue with Her Madgesty? Enjoy four minutes of pure joy and awesomeness…

Posted by: captainmoondog | September 28, 2009

Fur Your Eyes Only…

Thank you, Amelia McDonell-Parry. The Frisky (I have never heard of this blog before, but who am I to judge, I’m sure they, or well, most people have not heard of Today in Awesome, so there) tells us to “Snuggle Up with these Hairy-Chested Hotties.” Well who am I to disobey? It’s a delightful slideshow worth your time.

Enjoy all 19 on the list. Sure there are some miscalculations (like Burt Reynolds, really? Hello, 1975!), but then there’s this:

God knows who he is, BUT DOES IT MATTER? Are you even reading this anymore? I didn’t think so.

Bonus points for this list not being all about the visuals but also being funny like adding Jude Law to the list but only “back when he was bangable” and also informing us of useful trivia that “A writer for The New Yorker once said you could lose a cell phone in Alec Baldwin’s chest hair.”

Negative bonus points for scarring our retinas with Entourage’s Adrien Grenier’s butt crack hair. That’s just going to far.

And anyone know who #19 is? I don’t either, but I agree with the author totally. Please tell me if you actually know who he is and didn’t have to cheat and look him up on IMDB.

Posted by: mannahoneypot | September 27, 2009

You be the judge

Which is better:

Original recipe Shakira performing the absurd She Wolf:

Or the new and improved:

Frankly, that outfit is not doing either one of them any favors.

Posted by: mannahoneypot | September 27, 2009

Ok, fine. That’s impessive

I have long held the belief that Beer Pong* is for the pedestrian drinker – a drinker who has no imagination.  Anyone worth their salt (or beer) plays Flip Cup – it combines the best attributes of sport – speed, accuracy, skill, and teamwork.  Also, I am really good at it and I find Beer Pong boring.

That being said, this is pretty aweome

*For the Xavier graduates and Yuppies in the room, it’s also know as Beirut.

Posted by: captainmoondog | September 22, 2009

The Boy Paradox

Such a helpful graph. Thanks, GraphJam.

Posted by: captainmoondog | September 18, 2009

No previous experience in ink? No problem!

My new favorite blog: Tattoo Failure. Do I really need to explain anymore? I didn’t think so.




Posted by: captainmoondog | September 17, 2009

Kanye, most awesome douchebag

Thanks Molie for digging this one up out there on the internets… It’s so wrong but oh so right.


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